World beyond self

World Beyond Self cast + crew,

Below is all pertinent information for the photoshoot. Please read carefully. Also, all info can be found in this link for future easy access. Note, starting yesterday up until Cascadia I will be building the photoshoot and thus not in cell service. This Sunday/Monday I will be in cell service to answer questions. for immediate answers please ask Cybele. Otherwise, see you at Cascadia!!!!!!!


Here is a link to a 1.5min video for you to see where will enact the photo:

Photoshoot Location:

In the Cascadia festival, down the grove from the art gallery, on the other side of the marshes, is a hidden grove of 100-200 year old trees. Please, upon arrival to the festival, find the location so you know where it is. FYI, Sienna, head of art gallery can direct you. She can be found in the art gallery.


We want this photo to happen as fast as possible. Schedule phase times are planning for as much time as possible for the many unknowns in a photo of this scale. For Saturday, please be prompt, patient, and supportive. This is a very complex photoshoot where safety and maximum quality of execution are the primary goals.

Friday rehearsal is very important. Led by Gunnar Field and Cybele Leon, this is where we decide the formation of the acrobats. For the Flyers (including Deities + Crowns), this is where we will practice getting into formation. The more we practice on Friday, the easier and more efficient Saturday will be.

schedule 1.png


please look very closely at this. Many of you are in MORE THAN ONE phase. All performers who have time schedule constraints we put into Phase one and two. Phase three includes those of you with more flexible schedules. If this schedule does not work for you, please notify Cybele.

Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 10.26.51 PM.png


All should bring NUDE and BLACK bases aka underwear/shorts/bras etc and extras if you are willing to share to be worn with certain costume pieces or under costumes as comfortable. If you have additional costumes that have this vibe (Gold, Red, Black are our primary colors), please bring them to dress rehearsal on Friday and Cybele Leon will add them to the costume collection. Very excited to say we have a very full custom wardrobe by Cybele and I, yet, we have more people wanting to participate, thus extra costumes will be a bonus.

SO STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Daniel Harm


On July 27th, 2019, at the Cascadia Arts & Music Festival, Daniel Harm will be orchestrating a large scale photo production stunt involving complex rigging, an assembly of acrobats, aerialists, performers, a tech/safety crew, and dedicated volunteers from the festival. The enactment of the photo will be a phenomenal spectacle involving:

  • 25x aerialist levitating in the air in deific costumery.

  • 30x acrobats performing on the ground and on tall pedestals.

  • A giant flaming diamond

  • A diamond ladder structure suspended between trees supporting 40+ people

  • Note: mock-up only shows basic aerialist formation.

WORLD BEYOND SELF mock-up flyers.jpg
World Rigging Diagram.jpg


World Beyond Self represents the enormous history of spiritual connection humans share with the Earth and our cosmic potential to synergistically utilize our collective powers and imagination to build symbiotic relationships with the vital life-giving force of the Earth.


July 25th (Thursday) exact time TBD: low key Tech rehearsal (Flyers + Acrobats + Full Crew)

July 26th (Friday) exact time TBD: low key Tech rehearsal (Flyers + Acrobats + Full Crew)

July 27th (Saturday) FULL PHOTO: 2pm-5pm-ish.




-Embodied people willing to strike a pose!!

-Prop Builders

-Costume Designs


The majority of the costumes will be provided. Cybele Leon is the concept designer and costume designer. Our costume budget has not yet been determined. If you have costumes that vibe with the project’s style board and you are willing to let us use them, we would love to see them!! Please send us pictures!!


If you have nude bases and black bases, please bring them. Once casting is solidified, we will ask for measurements to ensure that garments will fit, and for custom costume pieces. More details coming soon!


Large scale collab time!! For people performing at Cascadia, the festival’s production team encourages participating in the photo and wants to accommodate performer needs. For Saturday rovers and performers, the photo will be early in the day and let’s please collab on creating a flow to your roving. 


Patience, excitement, and the willingness to work with the unknowns of undertaking a collaborative large-scale project. 


Logistics: having 25x aerialist in the air at one time is a safety risk. To make this project safe and to increase the accuracy of performer positioning, we are going to divide the photograph into 4x sections and take 4x separate pictures that will be overlaid into a composite photograph. This means that for any given section, there will be a maximum of 7x aerialist in the air at once, which will be a safe number of aerialist to manage with our safety team of 4x climbers/riggers. 

Rigging: the rigging system will be designed by Daniel Harm and built by a team of 4x people, each of whom have commercial and industrial rigging knowledge from independent disciplines and backgrounds. The working weight of wire ropes (cables) is 4,000lbs, with breaking strength at 16,000lbs. 

Fire Sculpture: The fire sculpture uses propane as its fuel source, which is the only fuel source legally allowed to be used in a burn ban if we end up entering into fire season. Fire Sculpture will be built with industry parts designed for fire sculptures. We will have fire extinguishers and fire hoses handy for safety precautions. NOTE: there will be a safe distance between performers and the fire sculpture

Awareness: sobriety and laser focus is required to ensure everyone stays aware, in tune, and safe. There will be plenty of intensity already. Please be present and engaged for this undertaking.