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Note: Mock up is of aerialists only. Mock-up of acrobats is being formed. Full photo will combine Aerialists + Acrobats formations.



On July 27th, 2019, at the Cascadia Arts & Music Festival, Daniel Harm will be orchestrating a large scale photo production stunt involving complex rigging, an assembly of acrobats, aerialists, performers, a tech/safety crew, and dedicated volunteers from the festival. The enactment of the photo will be a phenomenal spectacle involving:

  • 25x aerialist levitating in the air in deific costumery.

  • 30x acrobats performing on the ground and on tall pedestals.

  • A giant flaming diamond

  • A diamond ladder structure suspended between trees supporting 40+ people


World Beyond Self represents the enormous history of spiritual connection humans share with the Earth and shows our cosmic potential to synergistically utilize our power and collective imagination to build a symbiotic relationship with the vital life-giving force of the Earth.


With a team of concept designers, rope access riggers, and costume designers, Daniel Harm will create a large-scale production showcasing the Pacific Northwest’s aerialist and acrobat performer talent.

Environmental impact is an important factor in any project. World Beyond Self will be a unification of every prop and costume design fabricated from each art project Daniel Harm has created. This will be the fourth, fifth, and even sixth life seen for certain collections of costumes and props. The overall waste from Daniel Harm's productions is kept to an absolute minimum and a 'leave no trace' policy is strictly enforced to leave the natural setting pristine and thriving. The rigging designs are non-invasive to the trees.


Created by Cybele Leon-- a creative industry professional costume designer and concept designer. A legend with the sewing machine, Cybele’s mystical fashion capabilities is perfectly suited for this project’s style direction. 

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The World Beyond Self photo will be the capstone to Daniel Harm's self-produced body of work from the last three years. Acting as the finale to Daniel Harm's multifaceted portfolio, this photo will be the surge of energy needed to launch Daniel into the public domain as an artist who's well prepared to make a positive impact in the music and film industry. As a human passionate about environmentalism and social causes, Daniel Harm's mission is to collaborate with influential musicians and artists who share the goal of:

  • Creating bold, evocative works of art that show humans positively impacting the Earth. Constructively transforming the Earth needs to be badass and hot if we are to engage the masses.

  • Financially and opportunistically support the creative community. The future is Creativity.

  • Utilize resourcefulness and innovation to transform resource/energy consumption.

  • Mimic bio-diversity in creative production: Thriving and abundant eco-systems are bio-diverse. The most successful production teams must be diverse.

Total budget request

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This photo project showcases the leading acrobat and aerialist talent of the Pacific Northwest—a Dream Team of artistic energy, a potent assembly of powerful creative minds and performers!!