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A relentless spirit capable of creating the impossible, Daniel Harm's eco-tech futurism work explores a dimension of humanity where we as a species use innovation, collaboration, and imagination to live consciously and symbiotically with ourselves, with Mother Nature, and with every creature who calls Planet Earth their home.

As an exceptional learner, leader, and orchestrator, over the last twenty years Daniel Harm has accumulated a unique skillset through his experience as a professional athlete, as a patron supported artisan stone-worker who spent years working alone in the mountains, as a seasoned wilderness explorer with extensive rigging + rope access knowledge, and as boundary breaking filmmaker and photography.

Called by the voice of the Mountains and Trees, Daniel Harm left professional athletics to fully pursue his passion for cinematic large scale stunts and orchestrations. After an extensive self-eduction journey into film and photography, Daniel Harm created this body of work within the last three years. 

In these self-initiated and self-produced projects, Daniel Harm has been responsible for concept design, directing, writing, producing, editing/post, camera operation, costume design, set design, rope access + cable rigging, and all logistical coordination of production and stunts. 

Daniel Harm’s mission is to collaborate with influential musicians and artists to create bold, evocative films that show humans positively impacting the Earth through the evolution of our expanding consciousness and mystical abilities.

To contact, please email: danielharmonyharm@gmail.com

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 11.27.26 PM.png